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How do you attract and retain skilled employees during The Great Resignation?

Your solution is based on building a culture of trust.

Build the workplace where YOU would like to work including Trust, Appreciation, Connection, Flexibility and Grace. This culture is key in attracting and retaining great employees!

TRUST: When an employer has a high-trust culture, there is lower turnover. The employees feel safe and supported by their supervisors and enjoy a more positive work environment. High-trust culture improves collaboration, encourages increase employee morale and naturally helps with team development.

How to determine if your employees trust you: Employees often put up a front with the boss, even if they don’t feel completely comfortable with them. That makes it difficult to tell if your employees actually trust you or if they are just trying to keep the peace.

Here are red flags that you might have trust issue:

  • Your employees never tell you “no” or they don’t feel comfortable questioning things you say. 
  • They fail to embrace the culture or mission of your business.
  • They don’t exhibit pride in the product/service provided by your business. 
  • Employees seem disengaged. 
  • There’s conflict within the team, or employees don’t seem to work well together. 
  • You see instances of blaming or employees avoiding to take accountability for their actions. 

When trust is lacking, your employees don’t work well together. Communication is often poor, and there can be a general negativity in the culture. 

How do I build trust in a team with employees and new hires? 

  • Lead by example. 
  • Trust your employees to do their job – don’t micromanage or doubt them. 
  • Offer trust without expecting employees to prove themselves. 
  • Act in a trustworthy manner. 
  • Follow through with what you say you are going to do. 
  • Admit when you mess up. (take ownership and admit when you make a mistake). 
  • Show vulnerability. 
  • Set expectations and communicate them. 
  • Have a thorough, clear and up-to-date employee handbook with your philosophies and mission clearly stated. This is especially helpful to new hires.
  • Be transparent but maintain appropriate confidentiality. 
  • Get to know your team. 
  • Support your team. Give credit where credit is due. 
  • Address trust issues immediately! 

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