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Vinna Human Resources can help drive retention through organization and management factors, employee-supervisor relationships, job and work-life balance, rewards, career training and development and employer policies and practices.  Retention can be managed through assessments, management actions, evaluation, follow-up and change when necessary.

Retaining your workforce is one of the most important aspects to the growth of your company and to help manage the bottom line.  There are a lot of costs including lost opportunities, employee fatigue, and poor customer service associated with turnover.   Continual costs to recruit, hire, and train can negatively affect your bottom line.

Retention Myths

  • Money is the main reason people leave. 

    Money can be a powerful recruiting tool, however it is not the main reason people leave.  If people are paid fairly, they will leave for other reasons.

  • Hiring has little to do with retention. 

    Recruiting and hiring the right person for the right job has everything to do with retention.

  • Training and developing people causes them to want to leave. 

    Training and developing people will create job satisfaction.  Some may still leave, but what if you don’t train and develop people and they stay?

  • Don’t worry about retention during changes in the organization. 

    That is exactly when to be focused on retention.  People get nervous during change.  In order to keep the top performers, you will want to communicate to your people and let them know what the plan is.

  • High performers will leave when they want to and there is nothing that can be done. 

    There is freedom of choice and At-Will employment laws, however high performers will stay if their work environment is one of need, growth and challenges.

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