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Training & Development

Training and Development can be a tricky situation. What if a company spends lots of money to train and develop their people and then they leave? What if a company doesn’t spend any money training and developing and their people stay? Training and Development is a necessary risk to employee retention, company growth and success.

Employees need to know that they have access to training and development. Hire Vinna Human Resources to assess your current training and development program. We will create an ongoing plan for your new employees and current employees. The right training and development will help them to grow and be better and more productive employees.

New Employee Orientation

New hires should receive training to reduce workplace accidents and the costs associated with such accidents. Training in the prevention of harassment (based on sex, national origin, age, and all other protected characteristics) should also be upon hire.

Supervisor Training

Similar to new employee orientation, new supervisors should receive training that eases and facilitates the transition from employee to management.

Other Training Opportunities

  • Performance Improvement
  • Professional Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Risk Management

Vinna Human Resources helps to identify what our clients training needs are. Together, we create programs that employees and employers can learn from and will strengthen the working environment of the business.

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