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Benefit Services

Vinna Human Resources can manage your benefits!

Managing Benefits

Vinna Human Resources can manage your benefits program for you. This includes annual open enrollment, adding new employees as they join your company or organization and updating information throughout the year. By keeping your benefit packages up to date, you may be able to save on the bottom line. Vinna Human Resources continually monitors changes in legislation to make sure their clients’ benefit programs are compliant with local, state and federal laws. Implementation is only one piece of the benefits puzzle. Vinna Human Resources can take the stress out of managing your benefits.

Employee Portal Management

Having a Human Resource Management software can save time and money. Whether your broker offers a benefit software or you use our source, Vinna Human Resources will manage your human resource software for you. Your employees will be able to do their open enrollment online, access their policies, beneficiaries and benefits anytime 24/7. Employees can call on us when they have questions about their benefits.

You will have up to date information at your fingertips. No more piles of paperwork and/or contacting the benefit provider every time someone changes their address, as employees will be able to go into their portal and update their own personal information. Having HR software will also save time with onboarding, employee notifications, and a consistent resource for business news and events.

Unemployment Insurance Consulting

When you have an employee leave or their hours are greatly reduced, you have an obligation to provide them with Unemployment Insurance information. Vinna Human Resources will help you manage and consult with you on the Unemployment Insurance Benefits your employees may be entitled to.

By managing your account online, there is a huge time savings and up to the minute knowledge about what is going on. Vinna Human Resources will discuss your options, raise any issue with the applicants and be there with you should you appeal a decision.

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