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Employee Management

Vinna Human Resources believes that person centered employee management creates good relationships, positive morale and high work performance which allows companies to focus on their business versus personnel issues.

Employee Management consists of maintaining the following areas

  • Onboarding and offboarding employees
  • Conducting effective performance evaluations and appraisals
  • Learn how to effectively coach your staff
  • Strategic staffing
  • Human Resource technology to securely manage employee benefits and documentation.
  • Requirements for workforce reductions (furloughs vs. layoffs)
  • Motivating and rewarding employees
  • Leading so others will follow
  • Setting expectations and creating a positive culture
  • Termination, the employment-at-will doctrine, and potential legal claims stemming from termination
  • Employee disciplinary measures and how to create and implement an effective disciplinary policy
  • Alternative work arrangements best practices and resources to increase productivity, such as telework or working from home.

As your Human Resources Team, Vinna Human Resources ensures that all of these elements are managed and communicated effectively.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Vinna Human Resources can do the onboarding of your new employees and offboarding of your exiting employees. They have proven processes that deliver a consistent message to employees about your company or organization’s expectations and culture. All paperwork is completed accurately and on-time. You will have the information you need for payroll and to start an employee file. When offboarding an employee, proper steps need to be taken to ensure they have timely access to their final paycheck and COBRA benefits. Properly offboarding employees is as important as properly onboarding employees. The situation could likely be tense. Let Vinna Human Resources process and document the employees that are exiting properly to avoid paying unnecessary fines and fees.

Other Services

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