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Performance Management

Vinna Human Resources knows how to be good at performance management. They have a simple and effective method to be sure performance appraisals are done right. By using goal setting, determining key responsibilities, using competencies and day to day coaching employee's performance can soar. To objectively evaluate an employee’s performance is an art. This allows the employee to know where they stand and what is expected of them to succeed. Successful employee performance allows companies and organizations to achieve their goals and succeed at their mission.

Vinna Human Resources assists in this process by ensuring the following steps are taken and are consistent for all employees.

employee review meeting
  • Developing guidelines and standards against which an employee’s performance may be compared.

  • Gathering appraisal information, which when analyzed against the established standards reflects the employee’s performance.

  • Discussing the appraisal information with the employee.

  • Documenting the evaluation process in the employee’s personnel file.

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