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The following are commonly asked questions that we have answered for our clients and that you may be wondering about yourself! This is only a short list, so we encourage you to contact us today for more information and for guidance on your unique circumstances.

Yes, we do. We take three steps in creating handbooks:

  1. We research all of the state and federal laws that apply to each employer and their employees then include them in their book.
  2. We add in details that pertain just to their business like benefits, a typical workday schedule, confidentiality and proprietary and a welcome letter to the employees.
  3. Finally, we make it pretty! We make it easy to read and understand and finally add a logo to make it their unique handbook.

We take the time to go over the handbook with the employer to make sure everything in it fits their culture and clearly lays out their expectations to their employees. Finally, we provide an electronic version for them to share with their employees.

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