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Everboarding Retains Employees


In an increasingly competitive hiring war, you may have tried every trick in the book to attract, hire and retain top talent and are still seeing high turnover. 

Employers have been told for years that successful onboarding can make or break a potential hire. With remote and/or hybrid work, employee onboarding becomes even more complicated as companies rely on virtual onboarding to engage remote employees.

If your onboarding process needs a makeover – or perhaps is still in the process of being established – consider a new approach called EVERBOARDING. 

What is Everboarding?
Everboarding is a continuum rather than having a defined beginning and end. This approach can help new hires get connected to their fellow employees and continue learning opportunities beyond day one. It can also help employees as they adjust to the company culture and provide support in a new work environment. 

The shift to everboarding takes an entire company to help evolve the culture into one that values continuous learning and support for employees. Your revised policies should put learning and development at the forefront and prioritize learning into the regular workflow.

Ready to make the change? Contact Vinna for help drafting your Training Playbook as a visual guide for your employees to track their development.

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