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Minnesota law allows employees the right to see their personnel records kept by employers. Employers are required to provide personnel record upon written request from an employee. Current employees can access their records once every six months. Former employees can review or request a free copy of their personnel records once a year as long as the documentation is kept. Employers can deny the right to review personnel records if employees have had access to their records within the deemed time periods.

The following are information found in a personnel record:

  • Any application for employment
  • Wage or salary history
  • Notices of commendation (warning, discipline or termination)
  • Authorization for a deduction or withholding of pay
  • Fringe benefit information
  • Leave records
  • Employment history with the employer, including salary and compensation history, job titles, dates of promotions, transfers and other changes, attendance records, performance evaluations and retirement record

Employers who have 20 or more employees are also required by Minnesota law to provide written notice to new hires regarding their legal rights to personnel records.

At Vinna Human Resources, we encourage businesses to have the correct documents in each of your employee’s personnel files. We are here to help ensure the necessary documents are filed and your handbook highlights employees’ rights to these records. Connect with us to get started today!

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