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Companies who embrace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) know that these practices in the workplace are the key to business success. International events of 2020, including both the pandemic and racial justice events, will play a major factor into DEI trends for many years to come. We understand that as a company it is hard to navigate through the regulations and continually changing environment that this creates for company stakeholders. Many companies have had practices in place for years without realizing the implications these have on DEI [Check out our article about Avoiding Unintentional Workplace Discrimination for more information on this!]. With diversity, equity and inclusion on many of our clients’ minds, we are creating a three-part series to give adequate attention to each piece of DEI in the workplace. This month we will focus on diversity practices in the workplace.

Promote Diversity in Workplace Policies

Take a look at your company policies. Are there any policies that unintentionally discriminate during employee performance reviews to promotions? Maybe where your company needs improvement is in the hiring process. An expert study recommends removing candidates’ names and racial background before giving the information to managers to review. This will aid in ensuring a candidate is being reviewed based on merit.

Offer Diverse Opportunities

Does your company have multiple locations across a site, state, region or country? Providing employees with the opportunity to visit these locations can offer the chance to learn and form relationships with the staff. Take this to the next level and ask your employees about what volunteer work they enjoy doing. Form a consensus and plan a group volunteer activity. This will boost morale and staff engagement.

Create Open Conversations Regarding Diversity

Due to recent world events, diversity has become a “taboo” in many workplaces. Aid in not making this the case for your business. Onboard employees with your company diversity policies right from the start. Provide your staff with diversity training and allow them to give suggestions and feedback. Feedback, in this case, can give your employees the feeling of being involved in a brighter movement and increase company morale.

Educate Managers

Take time with your managers and make sure they understand the importance of diversity in the workplace. Are their hiring processes, feedback strategies and management styles allowing a positive connection between the managers and their employees? Research has been proven that employees will go above and beyond their expected level of output when they feel valued for their work.

Create A Mentorship Program

No matter the age, sex, race or additional diversity indicators, all staff should be given the same level of training and access to a mentorship. Mentors can allow the employees a chance to have a support system, outside of their manager, to help during the onboarding time period. After a new hire is fully immersed in the company, additional training, employee resource groups and furthering education can aid in career planning and advancement.

Diversity Summary

There is no one size fits all when it comes to enhancing diversity practices within each business. As workplace diversity continues to be a critical topic for employee engagement, morale and legal obligations, companies need to start embracing it now. An atmosphere that works towards making staff feel valued and appreciated will reach their goals while maintaining staff.

Does your company need help with boosting diversity policies? Contact Vinna Human Resources and we will provide you what we have learned from the continually changing laws and our experience in workplace diversity. For more advice on DEI, check out our articles on equity and inclusion!

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