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With bringing employees back after a furlough, especially during coronavirus, special attention to the ever changing laws, regulations and recommendations will help make this transition smoothest for your team.

Reference the below list for planning next steps with your employees and company.

  1. Businesses must have a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan implemented and communicated to employees.
  2. Document all communications of return to work offers to employees. This may be needed in the future for those who refuse to work without a valid reason as stated in the Governor’s executive orders.
  3. Shared work options for employees may provide a sense of ease and provide a work/life balance during these difficult times allowing some employees to return to work at fewer hours and also remain on unemployment.
  4. Healthy, able employees called back to work without valid reasons to refuse work, need to return. Unemployment benefits in place may be impacted by work refusal and cause over payment charges to employees.
  5. Provide employees with safety precautions in place for their protection to put their minds at ease.

Vinna Human Resources is here to help with the questions you may have. Reach out and we can discuss how your company can best approach these next steps efficiently and effectively.

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