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Compliance is a tedious and time-consuming task for many companies with continuously changing laws and regulations. However, the cost of a handbook is far less than legal fees. Learn the seven reasons your company needs a handbook and how it will help create a better work culture as a result.

1. To Outline Your Expectations

A handbook is a place to set your expectations, whether it is quality service, behavior, dress code, or hours of operation. By putting it in a handbook, all the employees will get the same message.

2. Establish Your Organizations Culture and Employee Experience

What can your employees expect when working at your company? Your policies set the tone for the kind of environment you want to create and maintain.

3. To Open Channels of Communication

Put your organizational structure in the handbook. This is a place to explain who does what and where employees can get answers to their questions.

4. Safe Guard Critical Information

Employees need to know that they are safe and that their information is safe. They also need to know that the company information must remain confidential and is not to be shared with anyone; that may include trade secrets, clients, products and pricing.

5. To Defend Your Workforce

Your industry may or may not have inherent risks. Your handbook gives you an opportunity to set your safety standards. Identify those risks and show what you are doing to mitigate them.

6. To Prevent Illegal and Inappropriate Behavior

Workplace bullying, discrimination, harassment – they still exist. By having hand written policies, employers can clearly show that this is unacceptable and this behavior will not be tolerated.

7. To Protect Your Organization

Written policies help to promote compliance and it helps your management stay consistent.

Handbooks set your company’s expectations clearly to your employees.  The value of having a quality personalized comprehensive source for all employee procedures, rules and company policies is crucial for companies looking to create a culture of positive and transparent communication. Learn more about Vinna Human Resources’ three step process. We would be glad to help with your handbook.

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