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Many businesses continue to accommodate remote work; more than 4.7 million people in the United States have been working remotely during this pandemic. Employers who support mental health continue to see job satisfaction and employee happiness. Here are 12 ways to support your employees mental health, especially as many continue to work remote.

  1. Offer Mental Health Employee Benefits
  2. Stay Connected with Technology
  3. Socialize Virtually
  4. Check in Regularly
  5. Encourage Physical Fitness
  6. Be Flexible
  7. Reward Good Work
  8. Encourage a Work-Life Balance
  9. Plan In-Person Events, If Able
  10. Send Mental Health Surveys
  11. Share Mental Health Resources
  12. Encourage Open Communication

At Vinna Human Resources, we have the experience of supporting employee mental health within a company’s culture. Contact us today to move forward with the next steps to implement these practices in your business.

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