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Put seasoned professionals on your team instead of your payroll.

At Vinna Human Resources we believe in the generosity and respect. We also believe in the value of collaboration. That's why we recommend Anfinson Thompson & Co. for all our clients who are in need of payroll assistance. On top of making payroll a quick and easy process, Anfinson Thompson is better equipped than other firms because we have seasoned professionals and the latest technology at your service.

  • Human Resources
  • Attendance and Time Management
  • Tax Deposit
  • Quarterly and Annual Reporting
  • Wage Garnishment
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Anfinson Thompson & Co recognizes there are ever-changing complex labor laws as well as changing dynamics of employer-employee relationships which has created an increased demand for professional experienced HR services.

To meet this demand, we have created Vinna Human Resources, partnering with HR Consultant, Nancy Miller, to offer personal and professional HR services to complement the payroll services offered by Anfinson Thompson & Co.  This collaboration provides our clients the opportunity to receive the highest quality HR services while continuing to work with the payroll professionals at Anfinson Thompson that you have come to know and trust.

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